No, it’s not. You will work for your money. We expect about 3 hours per day, 120 phone calls per week. That is it, real work, real money, real flexi-time.

Now that That  is taken care of,

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White Elephant

Our Simple 5 Step Approach.


Educate yourself!

Read through our literature, educate yourself about what we do and how we do it, our expectations. Think about it, measure it against your expectations, if they align, you may proceed to the next step. If they don’t, well, sorry to say but this is not for you.


Apply Online

Our easy to follow application will take you through a few different routes than your normal “copy and paste” way. We will get a great deal of information about you, the way you think and act. It is quite a fun application to complete and is something very unique, like us.


Online Training

This is stage two of becoming a fully fledged Swag’ger. We will take you through a few informational pieces, videos and tutorials. Our training should not take longer than 3 hours. You will get to know our awesome system and familiarise yourself to hit the ground running.


Get Interviewed

Interview! We do all our interviews over Skype, seeing that it will mimic you in a working situation the best, we will have a lekker chat and we will test your newly acquired skills. This will be the last part before you can start earning Swag Money


Start Calling

By now you will be comfortable with our systems and processes, you know what you are doing. We will provide you with a list, and you will start earning. We will need you to make 120 calls per week, and we will reward you with Basic Salary and nice Commission.


Swag Money

Payday Baby! You will get paid on the last working day of the month, straight in your bank account.

Swag Money - Check.

What do I need to Start?

Look, like with any job, you need a few skills and some equipment and most important the right personality. We will start by listing equipment and personality traits, if you check all the boxes, or most of them, you are off to a great start.

Personality Checklist

Are you?

  1. Self Motivated
  2. Have follow through
  3. Can think on your feet
  4. a Chatterbox (love talking to people)
  5. Capable of dealing with rejection
  6. Accurate and eye for detail
  7. Diligent
  8. Trustworthy

Equipment Checklist

Do you have?

  1. a Laptop or Computer
  2. Fast Internet Connection (3G Dongle or ADSL)
  3. Headphones with Microphone
  4. a Quiet place to work
  5. Skype
  6. MS Office Experience (Excel, Outlook etc)

Cool, so you’ve made it this far, assuming you have what it takes, personality and equipment, you may proceed to the next step. What do we need from you? What else is there to know?

Expectation Management

We place a lot of value on expectation management. If our expectations and your expectations align this is a guaranteed recipe for success.

We expect to work with people who are looking for a change and willing to work. We expect to work with people who need to supplement their income and wish to work flexi-hours and from home or where ever you feel most comfortable. We expect to work with people who are different and don’t fit the normal status quo.

We expect you to commit to us for a minimum of 3 months. We expect you to make at least 120 calls per week and make a few appointments.

We expect you to be honest with us. We expect you to be fair. We expect you to be self motivated. We expect you to want to make money.

Our commitment to you.

We commit to be fair and honest with you. We commit to paying you on-time, every month. We commit to always provide you with enough work to always reach your target.

We commit a minimum payment and extra commissions when targets are reached. We commit to great commissions if you exceed expectations. We commit to keep the working relationship fun and exciting. We commit to provide a stable, constant flow of supplement income.